Withering Gaze


Image skullspell.jpg
Description A powerful Etheric attack with Eclipse
Chain 8
Type Etheric
Attribute Will
Hidden Flags (Science Technique if Etheric, Gaze Technique)
Special Becomes a base damage 12 attack with Eclipse.

Attack Summary

Condition Base
Normally -
You cast your gaze on the <opponent> but, despite your toxic imaginings, he remains unharmed.
While Etheric 12 Lose 1 turn of Etheric
You lock your gaze on <opponent> and deal <X> damage by twisting him to match your decaying vision.
While Etheric, with a poison apple or venomous angel equipped 16 Lose 1 turn of Etheric
You lock your gaze on <opponent> and deal <x> etheric damage by twisting <it> to match your toxic vision.
While Etheric and blood of the ancients 16 Lose 1 turn of Etheric
You see thousands of years passing, forcing them on <opponent>. The weight of ages deals <X> damage to him.


toxic squid eyes (1-3 instances, 4 Body)
toxic tears (1 instance)

Used By (Opponents)

Bound Scarecrow
Flying Skulls
Herald of Fire
Holographic Mummy
Holographic Skull
Ocean King
Rag Man Hologram
Robed Corpse
The Mask
Twisted Raven

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