Workers On Break



Encounter Conditions

Only when not Etheric

Initial Text

You see a group of workers sitting around a break table, chatting among themselves. People are coming and going pretty fluidly as they go on break.

From a distance, you can hear them complaining about management. You'd have to come into sight to hear more, though.

Summary of Choices

  1. Interrogate them - Fight 2 Midgard workers and 1 Midgard Security (+3 warehouse panic if you win), unless you have ≥3 Etheric Power: gain 2 XP Will
  2. Charge in - (evil) Fight 3 Midgard workers (+3 warehouse panic if you win)
  3. Stop and chat - If wearing Midgard cap, learn about inventory, gain Metros Light, cup of joe, half of a sandwich or pep pill, otherwise: fight 1 Midgard Security (+1 warehouse panic if you win)
  4. Leave them - Nothing

Choice Text and Results

Interrogate them

You start threatening the workers, one seems brave enough to shout for help, bringing a nearby guard.

Two of the workers on break turn on you, while the rest of them scatter.

(Fight Midgard Worker, Midgard Security, Midgard Worker)

(+3 warehouse panic if you win)

Or, if you have ≥3 Etheric Power:

You approach the workers and begin quietly threatening them. They seem terribly afraid, but also confused.

"We just work here! Don't hurt us!"

On further pressing, they elaborate a bit. "Midgard keeps all sorts of stuff here. Food, drugs, guns, explosives, all sorts of stuff! Don't hurt us and we'll stay out of your way!"

"Just avoid the guards and their goddamned crazy spider robot. Please don't hurt us." That seems like all they've got. You let them scurry back into the stacks.

You've earned 2 XP Will

Charge in

You charge in and the workers try to scatter. You manage to back a whole group of them into a corner, while a few slip away.

(Fight 3 Midgard Workers)

(+3 warehouse panic if you win)

Stop and chat

If you are wearing a Midgard cap or trendy Midgard cap:

You sit down at the break table. They seem a little confused by you at first, but seem to take solace in your hat.

The workers are friendly enough, sliding you a little bit of what they're passing around.

Apparently they've been having a lot of security issues lately and management's been cracking down. And there's an inventory going on, so if you see a guy with a clipboard, that's what they're doing.

Other than that, they seem to have normal lives with normal problems and normal families at the far ends of various Metros lines.

Most of them seem wary of saying anything bad about management with you sitting there but one worker, who leans in close enough that you can smell the cheap beer on his breath, winds up into a long tirade.

"And another thing!" he continues, building steam. "Even when he does show up, he won't even talk about the damned warehouse! He just squeaks about how <kid's name> is getting straight A's at the Academy! Like they wouldn't give my kids straight A's if I paid ninety grand a year! Doesn't stop me from doing my damned job!"

You hear a man clear his throat from behind a nearby pile of crates. The workers scatter as the wandering guard, either oblivious or putting on a good act, lets them go about their business.

You found: 1 of cup of Joe, half of a sandwich, Metros light, pep pill, whiskey bottle

Note that the kid's name above tells you the correct birthday to use for the safe code. See Catburgling on the Catwalk.


The workers seem spooked by you, but you manage to talk to them for a while. Eventually one of them who 'got off on break' returns with a guard.

The workers scatter while the guard decides to let his gun do the talking.

(Fight Midgard Security)

(+1 warehouse panic if you win)

Leave them

See Walk Away

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