Wrinkled Fisherman



Encounter Conditions

Only with a fishing pole equipped

Initial Text

As you're looking for a fishing spot, you find one that someone's already taken. A wrinkled man, who might be old or merely weathered, stands amid some rocks and tosses his line into the water sheltered from the gently lapping waves.

Or, after fighting and losing to him:

The fisher, looking no worse the wear from your altercation, sees you as you're looking for fishing spots. His eyes flicker with recognition and he opens his mouth a bit, but doesn't call out, electing to look back out over the water.

Summary of Choices

  1. Talk fishing - ?
  2. Discuss memories (only after fighting and losing to him) - ?
  3. Share the fishing spot - ?
  4. Jump him - Fight ?
  5. Leave him be - Nothing

Choice Text and Results

Talk fishing

"Good fishing out here," he explains, "although it can take a firm hand on the reel. I prefer the worms you get in the things that wash up, the ones people think are sea serpents."

He reaches into a coat pocket and pulls out a handful of wriggling worms the same color as his skin. "Kinda gross," he concedes, "but I catch the best eels with them. Whenever I'm having a bad day, I cut one of those guys up and it gets a whole lot better."

"Seen damned big ones a couple times, though. Never seen one of them take the bait… might just take a better fisher than me… but there's nothing practice can't fix."

"It's always the one that got away, isn't it?" He smiles as he hooks one of the worms and casts it out into the shallows.

Or, after catching a lake gulper:

He looks down at the strange eel you've caught. "Yes! Good catch, good catch. The one I saw was this one… just, bigger. Their jaws are something else, aren't they?"

"Might've just been seeing things, thinking it was so big." He nods, but one corner of his mouth is quirked down doubtfully.

You've earned 6 XP in Will

Or, subsequent times:

You chat a bit about fishing. Eventually, the topic comes back around to that strange eel.

"I could swear I saw a bigger one, a huge thing in the depths… well, longer than my arm at least. Light can play weird tricks on you in the water, though, and it wasn't interested in taking bait."

You've earned 2 XP in Will

Discuss memories

"Hmm," he glowers at the shimmering waters. "First thing I remember is waking up not far from here, coughing up whatever the fuck's in the water. I was up against the rocks, like the lake threw me out."

After a moment, he clarifies "like even it knew better than to keep me."

He pauses for a long time, eventually finishing his thoughts so quietly they're hard to pick up over the sounds of lapping water. "Get the feeling I don't want to remember anything before that."

"Mm," he changes the subject, "think my name's Artyom… pretty sure, but a posh fucker came down once: suit, monocle, cufflinks, the whole nine. He called me Hymir, said I just needed to stay right where I am."

He shivers, rooted to the spot. He shakes his head, seeming to suggest this isn't a worthwhile topic either, and tosses his line in.

Share the fishing spot

He grunts discontentedly before gesturing at the calm waters. "Don't see any drones trying to stop you. S'guess it's fine."

You didn't hook anything. The fisher tries not to grin as he looks over at you "bad luck."
You found: some of: damp seaweed, lake bluegill, withered tendrils, partially digested fish

Or, after fighting and losing to him:

He thinks for a second and nods. "Sure, go ahead. I'll give you some pointers."
You found: some of: damp seaweed, lake bluegill, withered tendrils, partially digested fish

Better chance at "You've gotten better at fishing."?

Jump him

He scowls at you. "You want a fishing rod and a couple handfuls of worms? Come and get 'em, you degenerate fuck."

(Fight Artyom)

Or, after fighting and losing to him:

He sighs "you know this does fuck-all, right?" but still raises his fists.

(Fight Artyom)

Leave him be

You leave him to his devices.

(Walk Away)

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