Writhing Flesh


Image Tentacle25.jpg
Description You can feel your flesh tingling as strange shapes move under your skin.
Hidden Flags Ratty Suit Part, Skin Effect
Effects (Hidden: Can give HP and/or skew XP gains after a fight (see below))


filmy bandage (20 energy, 2 Body)
soaked cell sample (30 Energy, 4 Body)
writhing cell sample (30 Energy, 3 Hunger)
Using Ghoultouched to consume an opponent with this effect, including a Sewer Mutant or Subway Dweller, or Gang Warfare (PvP) opponents (gain as much energy of the effect as you got energy from eating it).

Removed by

Installing Bodyware


Acid-based techniques do extra damage vs. opponents with writhing flesh. These include:

If you win a fight with less than 50% HP, gain <some amount> of HP along with one of the following message:

With Perception as your highest base stat:

Your wounds knit over with thousands of tiny, staring eyes.

(Hidden: Gives ~Greatly Increased Chance of Perception XP to stat gains for that fight)

With Reflexes as your highest base stat:

Your body twists, wounds healing as your limbs become longer and more nimble.

(Hidden: Gives ~Greatly Increased Chance of Reflexes XP to stat gains for that fight)

With Strength as your highest base stat (or a tie among highest):

Lumps of knotted muscle and flesh knit over your wounds.

(Hidden: Gives ~Greatly Increased Chance of Strength XP to stat gains for that fight)

With Will as your highest base stat:

Your wounds heal, seemingly of their own volition.

(Hidden: Gives ~Greatly Increased Chance of Will XP to stat gains for that fight)

And with preserved cell culture equipped:

<one of the four messages above> The preserved cell sample you're carrying twitches and appears to grow in response.

Used by (Opponents)

Sewer Mutant
Subway Dweller

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