As you go through encounters in Metroplexity, you will gain XP, short for 'experience' or 'experience points'. Each XP is assigned to an attribute when you receive it.

XP From Combat

Each opponent has a set amount of XP you gain when you defeat it. Certain items and effects will also grant an XP bonus, increasing the amount of XP you gain from each combat.

XP gained in Combat is distributed randomly among the four Attributes, but you are more likely to gain same type of XP as the types of techniques that you used that combat. Some items or effects can give a bonus that also skews the XP distribution.

See Chance of XP for details.

NOTE: When fighting multiple opponents in normal combat, you gain XP equal to the sum of all of the opponents individually. However, in net combat, you gain XP equal to the toughest opponent, and other opponents do not count towards XP.

XP From Noncombat and Choice Encounters

Noncombat encounters also grant XP, but they are usually pre-assigned, so every time you receive that encounter you get the same selection of XP. This can be increased by a XP From Choice Encounters buff.

XP From Other Sources

There are various consumables (such as shaman staff or shaman's brew) which grant XP, possibly with other effects as well.

XP Gains to next stat point

Starting Attribute Total XP Additional XP to next Level
0 0 1
1 1 3
2 4 5
3 9 7
4 16 9
5 25 11
35 1,225 71
n n^2 2n+1
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