XP Bonus


Each point of XP bonus grants you +1 XP per combat, regardless of how many opponents you fight at once. If you are beaten to hell or are forced to flee due to running out of techniques you get no bonus XP, even if you gained XP for defeating one opponent in a multiple-opponent fight. Defeating an opponent that gives you no XP gives you no bonus XP.

Spading is in progress to determine whether this bonus is added before or after the 'shift' from items that increase the chance of XP going towards a particular attribute.

Limited items Quest items
Unearthly items No trade items
Derivative unearthly Normal items

XP Bonuses

+X1 red-lensed goggles (if a chain of 4+ "science" attacks was used)
+2 imaginary spear
+1 haunted bat, memory sidearm, smoldering coal, treasured musket
+2 anniversary pocket mirror (with antique hand mirror equipped)
+1 cold skull, crystalline mushroom
+2 Battle for the Gift
+1 Drone Studies (vs. drones), {Numbing Introspection, Panicked Introspection, Paranoid Introspection, Terrifying Introspection}2, Studious Nature,

1 X = 1/5 of expected XP gain after other bonuses, rounded up
2 Mutually exclusive effects

Also note that Oily Blood grants extra XP when you take damage.

Also also note that you can get extra XP from fully charging a crystal spine while etheric (1 xp) or ocean sight (2 xp)

Net Combat

Some items also give bonus XP for net combat:

+1 (Will only) Virtual Pet Bass
+2 (Will only) Wired Hacking

Also note that a Biofeedback Vest changes the distribution of XP gain to all stats instead of just Perception and Will.

See also: XP from Choice Encounters, Body and Spirit

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