Yakuza At the Bar



Encounter Conditions


Initial Text

You find a shirtless man sitting near the bar, his skin largely concealed by cybernetic patterns. They're raised in metal, but definitely designed to look like traditional tattoos.

Unless television is lying to you, the tattoos should mark him as a member of the yakuza. But television never said anything about cybernetics, so your information may be a bit out of date.

Summary of Choices

  1. Strike up a conversation (before starting Yakuza Job quest) - If you have salvaging tools equipped and bought a drink, start Yakuza Job
  2. Discuss work (when on Yakuza Job quest) - Gain information or 3 XP Will
  3. Show him the seal (with cybersafety seal in inventory) - Gain unsealed cyberblade
  4. Return the cyberblade - (with sealed cyberblade in inventory) - Lose sealed cyberblade, gain 300 credits
  5. I lost the cyberblade (after installing/uninstalling the cyberblade) - Fight Tattooed Patron; lock this encounter and unlock Tatooed Patron combat encounter.
  6. Ask about Midgard (after starting the Yakuza Job quest) - Gain Sato contact if you have completed the Yakuza Job quest.
  7. Buy him a drink - Lose 40 credits, unlocks quest above
  8. Attack him - Fight Tattooed Patron
  9. Leave him be - Walk away

Choice Text and Results

Strike up a conversation

He doesn't even bother to turn towards you, making a dismissive gesture with his gin and tonic.

Or, after buying him a drink:

You chat a bit. Despite the cyberware and the criminal allegiances it implies, it's a lot like chatting to someone with a "normal" job. Their current problem seems to be that Midgard is targeting their supply lines, meaning they have to depend on people to make things locally… but they don't have the skills.

He sighs and explains that they don't even have the infrastructure the Families have with the poor funneling them scavenged materials.

You've earned 2 XP in Will

Or, if you have salvaging tools equipped:

"Hmmm," he glances at the salvaging kit at your hip, "we might have some work for you. Cybernetics… the non-combat ones you get through official channels, have a seal that's supposed to prove they're authentic. They're supposed to break when you remove them, but some people can get them sometimes."

"If you manage to get one, we've got a job for you. Nothing complicated, just a bit of electrical work."

Start the Yakuza Job quest.

Discuss work

(Before showing cybersafety seal)

He gives you a nod "let me know when you've managed to pull out one of those seals and I'll get you the cyberware to work on."

(After showing cybersafety seal)

You chat a bit about the cyberware you're working on. As far as he knows, it's pretty easy once you have the seal.

(After returning the sealed cyberblade)

You chat a bit about situations in the city, particularly the shakeup caused by Eclipse moving through. From the sound of things, the Third Eye moved from not even existing to being a major concern for groups like his and the Families in months.

There's also some sort of struggle with the Ghosts based here, although he says it's mostly paid jobs on both sides, so there's no real "hard feelings."

But he seems pretty pleased with your work and accepting of you, which is a good feeling.

You've earned 3 XP in Will

Show him the seal

He looks at the seal. "Yeah, this looks like the stuff. Good work."

"Which is good, I've been lugging this around hoping you'd come back," he hands you a fairly normal looking cyberarm.

You found: unsealed cyberblade

Return the cyberblade

He takes a look over the arm, then gives it a quick scan with his comm. "Yeah, looks good. I'll let you know if there's anything else that comes up."

"Oh, and you get a cut of the operation." Your comm chimes with a notice that you've received some funds.

You gained 300 credits
(Lose sealed cyberblade)

Ask about Midgard

"Midgard," he shakes his head, "a problem for everyone. Not worth troubling them unless you've got big friends."

Or, if you have completed the Yakuza Job quest:

"Midgard," he shakes his head, "a problem for everyone. If you need help against them, call this man, Sato-sama. He needs weapons for his men and has some pull Downtown."

You've gained a new contact: Sato

I lost the cyberblade

He sighs as a blade extends from his arm. "Well, I guess you know what's coming next then?"

(Fight Tattooed Patron)

Buy him a drink

You offer to buy him a drink and he gets a gin and tonic. He's still not particularly talkative, but does complain a bit about the "scavengers down at the Docks" already working for other entities.

It seems like a sore spot, but he doesn't elaborate much.
(Lose 40 credits)

Attack him

You knock him from his chair, signaling the start to a proper brawl. He doesn't seem offended exactly, just ready to kill you if you try to kill him.

(Fight Tattooed Patron; if you win, lock this encounter and unlock the combat encounter. If you lose/run away, this encounter continues to be available.)

Leave him be


Yeah, he looks like someone you shouldn't mess with.

(Walk away)

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