Yakuza Job


Gain entry to the Cellar Door and talk to the Yakuza At the Bar.


With the Yakuza At the Bar:


  • Gain 300 credits
  • Note: if you install the cyberblade or otherwise lose it, you can tell him you lost it and he will get mad at you, ending the quest.
  • Alternatively, you can craft a sealed cyberblade from scratch, using a basic cyberblade instead of the unsealed one (and as long as you don't explicitly tell the yakuza that you lost it, can be turned in to complete the quest).

Quest Log

Starting quest

The yakuza member in the Cellar Door asked you to extra some sealed from commercial cyberware. Now that you know they're valuable, you should be able to check and find them.

after salvaging cybersafety seal

You should talk to the yakuza member in the Cellar Door about the seal you extracted.

after showing cybersafety seal to Yakuza at the bar

You should seal the cyberblade the yakuza member in the Cellar Door gave you.

after crafting sealed cyberblade

You should return the sealed cyberblade to the yakuza member in the Cellar Door.

if you installed the cyberblade on yourself or otherwise lose it, and don't currently have a sealed cyberblade:

You're supposed to seal and return the cyberblade the yakuza membrer in the Cellar Door gave you. But there might be… some complications.

Finished quest

(No completion text)

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