You See A Gazebo



Encounter Conditions

Halloween 2017

Initial Text

Deep in the ballroom's forest, you find a gazebo. You're not sure where they moved it in from, but it seems structurally sound.

It's also pretty out of the way, so nobody should be poking around.

Summary of Choices

  1. Find some snacks - gain 2-3 canapes
  2. Just relax - gain 8 XP Will, unlocks Music of Ethereal Beauty (Only 100 Creds!)
  3. Leave it be - walk away

Choice Text and Results

Find some snacks

You check around. Someone's left a few canapes on a tray, which you're able to snag.

You found: 2-3 canapes

Just relax

You sit in the gazebo all-but-meditating until a group of student musicians comes in, apologizing as they start setting up their stands and instruments.

You've earned 8 XP in Will

Leave it be

Something happens, but mostly it's just

(Walk Away)

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