Young Punk



Encounter Conditions

Only after sneaking punks in from the quad.

Initial Text

You hear a rattle of automatic fire as two figures streak in front of you: a young man with an elaborate mohawk and a slightly older man wearing a Midgard Security uniform. The latter seems to be wielding the automatic you heard with abandon.

They're headed in your general direction, but it shouldn't be hard to get out of their way.

Summary of Choices

  1. Intercept the guard - fight Midgard Security
  2. Ambush the student - fight Punk Student
  3. Separate them - in full containment suit: gain 4 XP Will, otherwise: fight Midgard Security
  4. Let them pass - walk away

Choice Text and Results

Intercept the guard

The punk cheers as you jump in. "Woo! Yeah, kick their asses!"

You notice, however, that he doesn't help or anything.

(Fight Midgard Security)

Ambush the student

The guard stops firing wildly so he won't hit you and nods in thanks as you stop the student. The student, on the other hand, just fights for his life.

(Fight punk student)

Separate them

(in full containment)

You step between them. The guard seems ready to attack you for a moment as the student escapes, but turns away in a huff instead.

You've earned 4 XP in Will


You jump in between them, exposing yourself to attacks from both sides. Maybe throwing yourself into the middle of the fight wasn't the best idea.

The student seems perfectly content to run off, but the guard doesn't appreciate your interference.

(Fight Midgard Security)

Let them pass

They run off into the distance through the construction site, dislodging bricks from half-constructed walls with feet and bullets alike. You're not sure who's going to win the foot race, but the student has a substantial lead as they disappear from view.

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